Muir Optometrists Knysna: care for medical eye conditions that do not require specialist care or prescription medication, e.g. dry eye and vision suppirt supplements.  Credit Kalea Jerielle via Unsplash.


For every medical eye condition, there is an answer and care available.

Where appropriate, we'll refer you to an Ophthalmologist. At our rooms we offer dry eye care, in-house and home care products, non-prescription eye drops, as well as lubricants, gels and lid cleansers. In addition we also offer a full range of magnifiers including digital magnifiers to make your life easier.

If it is right for you, Vitasight is a supplement for macular degeneration to help build macular pigment density and support your visual system.

We can assist with eye exercises, post-op care for glare sensitivity and monitoring. We are happy to provide you with general advice on all things eyes!

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Professional advice, supplementation, magnifiers, non-prescription eye drops, exercises - Muir Optometrists can assist you in finding solutions for your medical eye condition care.
Knysna optical magnifiers and Knysna digital magnifiers are supplied by Muir Optometrists. Photo credit Houcine Ncib via Unsplash.
At Muir Optometrists Knysna you can obtain guidance about nutrition for healthy eyes and vision, as well as supplement especially formulated to support mac degeneration, like Vitasight.

Eye Specialists we can refer you to if needed:

Drs Meyer & Harpur, Garden Route Eye Clinic, Thesen Island, Knysna - 044-3822687

Dr Joseph, Advanced Health, Knysna- 044-1500085

Drs Roux, Faul & Botha, Garden Route Eye Clinic, George - 044-8740178

"Muir Optometrists have been so supportive in assisting me with macular degeneration, from referring me to a specialist when needed, to providing guidance on nutritional and supplementation support for the condition."